URL bar input scope, during input:

URL bar input scope, after input. Note special TIP buttons:

Website text field with guessed input scoping of "Email" during input:

Website text field after input. Note special TIP buttons:

The status-bar menu allows manual input scope overrides:

The custom scope menu gives greater control over manual input scopes, including combining multiple types of predefined scopes and defining new scopes with Regular Expressions:

You can also scope UI fields via a context menu when there's no status-bar in the window (Unavailable in Firefox/Thunderbird 1.0.x):

GeckoTIP can also optionally bring up alternative input panels and position them for you when you click a text field, and close them when you're done. Currently supported are Alphatap, MessagEase, SHARK, Fitaly, TAPLESS, and WordLogic :

Left-handed Tablet PC users can activate an optional scrollbar on the left side of the screen (Still in development, currently for Firefox only):

The geckotip project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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